MarchNew Beginning

Do you remember the new beginning you wanted for 2016? How are they going? New Beginnings take courage. You are taking a leap into the unknown when you start something new. You do not know all the steps, you do not know all the outcomes, you are not sure you will get the results you desire. All of these things or some of these things will be in your thoughts. Courage can help you keep moving despite those nagging thoughts. What is courage? Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. If you have fear do not let it stop you. I have learned that -

Fear is:






If your new beginning is not turning out the way you planned stop. Do the following:

Exercise –Review your desired outcome in your mind. How are you feeling about the outcome? Are the steps you are taking now going to lead to your outcome? How are you feeling about the steps you are taking? Are you focused more on the problem than the solution?

Once you answer these questions you should identify why the new beginning is not working. Remember when you have “negative” emotions that is your true self telling you something is not “right”.


The H Zone New Beginning

This is The H Zones 1st Newsletter! This is one of our New Beginnings. We have decided to add this as a way to give tips, share resources, events and programs we have to offer. We want to connect with our community and assist them in moving closer to their passion. We will send this newsletter out one to two times a month. For more information about products and services visit


New Self Study Program

The Courageous Coach: Taking Chances to Change Your Career/Business and Bank Account

Who is this program for:

Coaches, Therapist and other Helping Professionals. Or if you are someone who wants to be their own coach and make changes in your career/business.


What to expect once enrolled:

Once you enroll in the program you will be emailed one section each week for a total of 5 weeks. You can also access the program online in your private client portal, that you will be given.

You will learn:

  • How to recognize your attitude toward risk taking
  • To identify 5 main reasons you steer clear of risk-taking
  • 5 powerful perspectives to taking more changes
  • To expand risk-taking by exploring rewards