Hello H Zone Community,

For some people July is a month of vacations. Are you free to go on vacation or create the vacation of your dreams?

Tip for the week: Vacations. You deserve time away from stress and work! If you cannot go on a vacation right now due to money, time or other things find a way to take brakes during your week.

  1. Instead of cooking pick up dinner and eat in your favorite place (maybe a park). You could invite your friends and you each could bring one thing to share.
  2. When work gets intense and maybe stressful escape to the bathroom. Take 5 -10 minutes and just breathe deep. If you do meditation/visualization do a quick one and go to your favorite place (include sounds, smells and how it feels).
  3. Just sit and be in a peaceful place. If you go to a gym that has a sauna go sit and stream for a while it detoxes you and release stress. Find a place in your community that has sauna/stream rooms. Or go sit in nature – park, beach, mountains etc.…..



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All of these ideas will reduce your stress and give you well needed energy. Until next time, fill your life with passion!


La Shonda Herring