Hello H Zone Community,

We are half way through the year, WOW! How has your year been so far? Have you accomplished your goals? Do you need to redo your goals? What do you want for the next six months? Now is a good time to get clarity on where you are, what you have accomplished and what you still desire to do. This way you can end your year the way you want it to be. There are many different ways to do this.


Tip of the week: Where are you and where are you going

  1. Think back to your goals for the year, make mental note or write down if you have completed them.
  2. Now focus on what you would like to complete for the rest of the year. I suggest writing it down so you can look at it often to keep you on track.

Once you understand where you are then you can create a plan to where to go next. Remember to celebrate your successes for the first six months of the year.


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Until next time fill your life with passion!

La Shonda Herring