Hello La Shonda,

This month we will discuss WILL. What does will mean?

  • The capability of conscious choice and decision and intension;
  • Strong wish desire or purpose;
  • to be willing; decree or ordain.

In the different definitions above there is a theme - your doing something or deciding something. What do you use your will for? Do you feel like you have free will? When I think of will what comes to mind for me is the movie Minority Report, one of my favorite lines is “You can Choose”. In this movie they have special people that could tell the future and they helped the police see crimes before they happened. One of the lessons in the movie is that if you know what your future is you can still choose something different if you do not like it. We may not know our future but each day we make choices that lead to our future.

Tip of the week: What Future do you want?

  1. Take 5-10 minutes to think about how you use your will. Are you conscious of your power? Are you focused when you make choices? What would you change?
  2. Think back to last week how did you make choices? Did you get the outcomes you wanted? What would you like to change this week?


Until next time, fill your life with passion!

La Shonda Herring