Hi La Shonda,


Stress seems to be everywhere these days. And because of that we are doing an encore presentation of our online workshop. Some people’s lives are filled with headaches of all different kinds.


But you don’t have to be one of them.


You can change how you deal with stressful situations, and you can even head off stress before it starts.


The benefit of reducing stress in your life is far reaching. When you live a stress free lifestyle you’re healthier, more relaxed, more productive, have better relationships, and feel an overall sense of well being. The benefits are truly priceless.


And it’s contagious. People around you will feel better too.


The impact of stress on people is so important that I’ve put together an amazing new live online workshop that will shine a spotlight on the issue of…


Stress Management on:


Wednesday, August 10th     or     Thursday, August 11th both at 7:00pm



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This is one online workshop that’s a must attend, because you'll discover:


  • How to head off stress during situations that are normally stressful for you.


  • Specific techniques to help you reduce stress on the spot.


  • How to make stress more manageable once and for all.


  • How to start eliminating stress from your life immediately.


  • How to make stress work for you instead of against you.


And you’ll love the highly effective stress management techniques you’re going to learn that will have you saying goodbye to stress and feeling better about your health, your relationships and your life, even before the end of the call!

 You’ll explore:

  • Proactive and reactive stress management techniques
  • What is chronic and acute stress
  • How you respond to stress
  • What are the implications of managing/not managing stress?
  • Numerous stress management techniques

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If you attend just one online workshop all year, make sure it’s this one.  Your health and well-being deserves it.  


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To Your Success,

La Shonda Herring


P.S. Space is limited on this call, so take action now!