Hi La Shonda,


What if you could live a life with less stress and more in balance with who you are?


What if, starting today, you could become healthier, happier and more relaxed than you’ve felt in years?


What if I told you there was a way to make this happen, and it’s as easy as picking up your phone?


It’s true! Join me on the upcoming live online workshop entitled:


Creating a Headache Free Zone  - Today at 7:00pm


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This is one workshop that’s a must attend, because you'll discover:


  • How to head off stress during situations that are normally stressful for you.


  • Specific techniques to help you reduce stress on the spot.


  • How to make stress more manageable every time it wants to rear its ugly head.


  • How to start eliminating stress from your life immediately.


  • How to make stress work for you instead of against you.


Grab your seat today, simply click this link to register.


I look forward to meeting you tonight!

La Shonda Herring


PS -Plus, be sure to attend LIVE as this is a very interactive training, and I’m teaching some powerful stress reduction techniques that you will be learning

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