Hello La Shonda,

Feel you power this month, remember you can Choose!

One of the definitions of will is strong wish, desire or purpose. What are your desires/purpose? Are you making choices that bring you closer to your desires or moving you away? The beauty of this life is you have control over you and the life you create. If you do not feel this way maybe you have not found your power.

Tip of the week: Desires & Power

  1. Do you know what you desire in the different areas of your life? Take some time and write them down (area: family, work/career, self, spiritual, play/hobby, other relationships etc…).
  2. Finding your power may take some time for some people, but do you give up. Here is a way to find your power. Start saying “no”. Say “no” at least 5 times in a day about different things. Say no to things your gut tells you to or you instinctively want to say no to (it does not count if you tell your kids “no” they cannot do something). The “no” has to be related to you doing something. Once the day is over think back and compare this day to the day before when you did not say no. How does it feel? Where you able to do it? Once you do 5 –no’s increase it to 10. When someone asks you a question or to do something say “no”.


Another way to identify your power is to look and see if you are out of alignment in your life. Click here to take a quiz on balance in your life.

Until next time, fill your life with passion!

La Shonda Herring