Hello La Shonda,

This month we are going to focus on order. There are many ways to deal with order so I decided on 3 areas – spirit, mind and body. First we will start off with spirit. We are starting with spirit because I feel that spirit guides us. When our spirit is in order it can direct the other parts of ourselves. Spirit is connected to the Great universal power that is called by many names.

Think about your spirit. Is it feeling peaceful, organized, is it in G-good, O-orderly, and D-direction? If your spirit is not at peace then you may want to do something about that.

Tips for the week: How to get order in your spirit

Here are some thing you can try:

  1. Sit in a still quite place, close your eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths then ask your spirit are you at peace? Wait to FEEL the answer. Then ask your spirit what does it need. You may need to do this exercise more than one time.
  2. Do some journaling. Write the question in your journal “Are you at peace spirit?” then keep writing until you FEEL complete.

Remember your spirit is your internal guide through this journey. Make sure you are using it and it is in order. If you need support or feedback on something you are going through right now, schedule on my calendar a time so we can talk. It is a free 30 minute block of time just for you.


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Here is one new thing:

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Remember to stay filled with Passion!

La Shonda Herring



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