Hello La Shonda,

The next part to get in order is your mind. The mind can control your thoughts and impact your emotions. Because of this you want your mind to be in order so you have right thinking and your emotions are what you desire. Your thoughts impact behavior and what type of energy you are sending out to the world. If you are not getting from your world what you desire you may need some order in your mind.


Tip for the week: Mind in Order

Here is one idea to try for your mind:

  1. Review your day at the end of the day. What where the main thoughts of the day? What did your mind focus on the most? Are these the thoughts you would like to be thinking? Do the thoughts make you feel good? If your thoughts and/or feelings are not what you want then it is time to take more control of your mind. The next day pay close attention to your thoughts. When you are thinking something you do not want to think switch your mind. Keep practicing this until it gets easier and you are thinking and feeling better. Do not make this stressful or beat yourself up if this is challenging at first. It will get easier. Make it into a game. Remember do not take yourself so seriously, practice is good enough!



Passion Place:

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