Hello La Shonda,

The theme for this month is Zeal. Other words for zeal are eagerness, enthusiasm but my favorite is Passion. Let’s start off the month thinking and looking at Passion you have for yourself. Are you passionate about yourself? When you think about yourself do you feel happy, does it make you smile, and do you feel like I am doing really well? Do you enjoy or get eager when it is time for “self”?

If you do not have a passion for yourself that is an indicator that something may need to change in your thinking or belief of yourself. You are the only person in this world you have control over so if you do not like something you have the control to fix it. When you lack passion for yourself I bet it is showing up in other areas of your life. It is very hard to fake the passion with yourself!

Tips for the week:

  1. Make a list this week of 20 things you love about yourself. Then post that somewhere you can read it in the morning and at night. If you would like you can carry it with you to review throughout your day.
  2. Do something this week that you love to do with yourself. Schedule in some personal time. You deserve it!


Passion Place:

  • Thank you to all those who came out to support us at the Natural Hair Mag and Health Summit this past Saturday. We had a great time!


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Fill Your Life with Passion,

La Shonda Herring