Hello La Shonda,

Last week we talked about people having many passions. If you are one of those people that have many passions or if you are a person with a few I hope one of your passions is yourself. Yes I said yourself! Do you love who you are? Do you smile and/or laugh when you think about the kind of person you are? Are you the type of person that wants to keep adding to who you are? Passion for yourself comes in different forms – self-love, self-care, and filling your life with events, things and experiences you love. If you are not doing these things what is your life filled with?

Tip for the week:

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What makes me the most happiest with myself?
  2. How often does this occur?
  3. What stops you from having it happen more?

Once you answer these questions it will give you pieces to the puzzle of what you desire more. You can make a plan to get more of what you want so you add more passion to your life. I know you have identified obstacles that stop you but when you open your mind to create a plan to reaching your goal you find ways to overcome obstacles. For example you want to travel more to connect with you (one of my favorite things to do that gets me in touch with myself) but you may not have the money in hand to travel right now. So, think of a place you can go for the day – national park, beach, lake, or the mountains. Taking small steps can help you connect to yourself and even other passions you have. Continue to make the plan to get to your vacation destination!

 Passion Place:


We are offering FREE times for you to talk with me on the phone. If there is something in your life that has you stuck, draining your energy and/or stressed then schedule a time to talk with me. I will help you get unstuck, rejuvenate yourself, reduce your stress and move forward. Walk away from the call with steps you can take to get you to where you want to be. The talk times are 30 minutes long and you can pick a time that fits your schedule. Here is the link.



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Until next week, fill your life with Passion!

La Shonda Herring