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This is the first day of November. This is one of my favorite months for a few reasons – my birthday, thanksgiving and the kindness people show for others! During this month people across this country start to have some very serious intense emotions. Some emotions may feel good and others may feel bad. This time of year can bring about stress for people because they may fill more of their time with things they are obligated to do. Some obligations are filled with “have to do” instead of “want to do”. Why do you do the “have to do” obligations? Who is putting pressure on you to do them? Are you more worried about what others will think of you than honoring what you feel? How are you being true to yourself by doing an obligation you “have to do”?

Since this month kicks off the “big” holiday season I think it would be great to focus on the power of elimination. During this month, we will talk about getting rid of thoughts, beliefs and actions that do not serve our highest good. I think this is perfect for this time of year because we can end our year closer to who we really are and living from a place of honoring YOU! You will end your year energized and not stressed out and exhausted. How does that sound to you?


Tip for the week:

Let’s start with focusing on your thinking. Ask yourself what are thoughts that come up that make me feel bad? Why do you keep having these thoughts? Can you think different thoughts that make you feel better? If you answered yes, then every time the “bad” thoughts come up change to the new thoughts until it becomes a habit to think the new thoughts. If you answered no, then go to the link so we can have a conversation and I can help you create a new thought that works for you. There is no cost for our time together. I want to help you move past this.

If saying things is not enough of a motivator for you then start a payment jar. What that means is every time you think the “bad” thought you have to pay is some way. You could pay in money, exercise, time or some other way be creative and find what works for you. By having the jar you will be able to see how many times you have these thoughts, it gives you a visual of what is going on in your mind.


Please send me an email or post on The H Zone Facebook page how it is going for you to change your thoughts.


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I am continuing free 30 minute Get Unstuck session for the beginning of November is my birthday gift to you.


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