Hello La Shonda,

I wanted to let you know time is running out. The Webinar on “How to get the Life Your Desire” is tomorrow. I don’t want you to miss your chance to learn some new information that will shift you from feeling frustrated with your life to excited about waking up every day with peace and joy.

I don’t want you to look back on your life at the end of this year and think my life has not changed the way I wanted it to, I’m not closer to my dreams then when the year started, or when will my life get better.

This webinar can help! I will provide answers to moving you to the life you want. You will be able to implement the strategizes I share the same day. You will not have to wait to make changes. You can get on the right track now. Remember time is not something you can get back so attend this webinar tomorrow.

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I know having your life be like this is causing you frustration even stress so let’s get you some relief. Don’t wait until tomorrow do this today and let me know how it goes on the webinar tomorrow.


Tip: Be in nature (look out the window if you can’t leave where you are)

Paying attention to nature reminds us how the universe works. There is a flow to life and sometimes we are out of flow. Nature shows you how many things are taken care of by the creator. Creatures show us how they move through their day without worry and stress, they just do or just “be” and life continues. So much of the world happens without you having to do anything to make it go, it is amazing to see how much you do not have to take care of.


Love & Light

La Shonda Herring