Hi La Shonda,


Clients say to me “I am exhausted, have no time or energy that is what is stopping me”


In order to change where you are and gain energy something must change. Find 5 minutes in your day to ask yourself the following questions: What is holding me back from changing? What am I afraid of? Am I afraid of taking a chance on something new? Am I stuck in the same route?


Tip: Plan to set aside 15 to 20 minutes to do some vision work. Think about your present situation. While you are thinking of the situation what emotion(s) are coming up for you? Feel the emotions and ask yourself where are these emotions coming from? You are looking for the root cause of your uncomfortable emotion(s). This will show you a desire that is not getting met. You can do this exercise in written form if you would prefer, just write down your situation and the answers to the questions.


If you choose to stay exhausted you will not be able to reach your desired life. You and those around you will suffer!


If you are tired of being stuck, exhausted and drained.....

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Love & Light,

La Shonda Herring