Hello La Shonda,


I decided to bring back “Tip of the Week”.


I’m back giving you tips for your amazing journey.

Here is it….


Tip of the Week:

Do you welcome positive things in your life or do you wait for the “other shoe” to fall?

If you answered yes to this question, then you will need to change your thinking for your world to change. What do I mean??? Well if you think the “other shoe” will fall it will because you are saying it in your head maybe even out loud. As well as your energy is saying that you want the “other shoe” to fall.

If you don’t want this to happen change what you say to yourself. Focus on being grateful when the good things happen and focus your attention on getting more of this. When we stay in full gratefulness there is not space for “what if”. The more you do this the more “good” things will happen.


Until next time.

Love & Light,

La Shonda Herring