This is the last week of July and this month has gone so fast! Did you spend this month having fun? I did schedule some fun in this month. We took the boys to Universal Studios and Sea World in Florida and I took a day off from being a mom (it was great!)


In my house, we are getting ready for school to start. So, summer is coming to an end. I am a bit sad because I will be homeschooling my three boys this year (I am a bit nervous!!).


Because of this my brain is filled with scheduling.


One of the things I have decided to do is schedule time for me to just be ME – not mom, not wife, not business owner – just La Shonda


So, my tip of the week is:


Schedule time in your schedule weekly for you to be you, no titles, even if it’s for 30 minutes during the week. This is a way for you to connect with yourself.


Why is this important???


Remember being in situations and you asked yourself “how did I get in this situation?” This happens when we are not connected to our true self and we are just moving through life on “auto-pilot”.


Take time to just be you so this doesn’t happen to you.




I will be launching a new program in August that is filled with fun and valuable information you will be able to use in your life right away. So, come play with us online in your pjs.


Be on the lookout for the email about this new offer.


Enjoy your week and be you!


La Shonda