Hi La Shonda,


I am so excited to be doing this!!!

You may be asking what is THIS…


I am going to be doing my version of a Vlog each week and sharing it with you.


I will be sharing information about

How to:

Start a business

Build a business

Manifest your dreams

Be in alignment with who you really are so you have a life you love waking up to

Having more fun and enjoying life!


For the first time ever, I will share peeks into my life – how I run my day, how I find time, how I run my business and maybe even look at my fears and how I deal.


So, I want you to take this journey with me weekly. I think it will be fun!

Also, reply to the emails with questions that came up for you when you watched the videos.

And I promise the video will not be longer than 10 mins (unless I go on a rant, I will work hard to stay off my “soap box”)

So here we go,    check out the first video



Love & Light,

La Shonda

The H Zone: Helping you create your dream


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