Hello Beautiful Soul,

Do you realize you are meant to be a hero? 

You might be saying La Shonda, you are way off bases! I am just trying to survive this pandemic, the elections, racial issues and regular stress of family life. 

I do understand that but sometime we put our attention on things to long and get off track. You need to do what you can about the things impacting your life then move on to the next thing. If you stay on issues to long and part of the issues is out of your control you will drain your energy and not be able to do the things you want or need to do. This stops you from being a "Hero". 

I want to get into why I believe you are meant to be a hero. 

Watch this weeks video to get a clear picture.

Tuesday, 9/15: https://youtu.be/echHTCJTB5g

Thursday 9/17: https://youtu.be/_DgLFpa8-UY


Then let me know are you a Hero or do you want to be?


Love & Light,

La Shonda