Hello Beautiful Soul,

So, I decided to join in and have some fun with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

We have watched over the years many businesses have offers during this time of year so we said this year we'll join in!

We have two new workshops we want to offer. Over the years we have found that people start to reflect on their life during this time of year.

You look at how the year has been, and start to ask yourself these questions...

Did I meet your goals?

Do I like who I am?

Is my life satisfying me?

Maybe a new one this year - How has the pandemic changed my live? 

And others...

We get it we are asking ourselves these same questions! So when we have these deep questions we like to talk about it with like minded people.  That is how the idea of these workshops came about. We wanted to help give our community a space to get clarity and direction in their business and personal life, because we know what effects you personal impacts your business.

Here are the workshops we would like to offer you during these last few weeks of 2020:

1. *** What is Your Mission?: Taking your passion & experience and turning it into a business.

In this workshop you will learn how to take what really lights you up and turn it into a business even if you have more than one thing that lights you up. We will go through a process that can give you clarity so you can forward with your business idea.

2. *** Use "The Force" to Design Your Life: Create a fun guide that directs your plan for next year and beyond.

In this workshop we will have fun tapping into your true essence and using that to guide your plan for next year. We will use our creative side, (YES, we all have a create side!) to connect to "The Force" for your true plan then bring in the logical side to map it out. Fun! FUn! FUN!


How the workshops will work: 

All the Workshops are offered online. During each workshop I will do a bit of talking, then you will complete exercise(s), next will come discussion time and last will be q&a and coaching. Each workshop is 1 1/2 hours - I will stay on longer if there are more questions.  The invest for one workshop is $29 but if you want both the price is $49 Click here


If you have any questions just reply back to this message.


I hope you will come play with us before the year is over!


Love & Light,

La Shonda