Hello Beautiful Soul,

We are in the 3rd month of this year, I hope your year is getting better!

The focus of this month is your power. There are so many things around us that "make" us feel powerless. So this month let's focus on what powers you have so you can take back a bit of control over your life.

Watch this short video to get some guidance.






We have a new events page on the website, check it out here

We will be hosting about 2-4 free events online every month and a workshop monthly. The cost of the workshop is $29. 

The workshop for March is 3/30 ... "Entrepreneur Super Power" The workshops are 1 1/2 hours packed with exercises, coaching and Q&A. Click here to learn more.


Marketing made simple: Super Power Marketing Bundle! Click here for more information. 



Love & Light,

La Shonda