Attention: Aspiring and Struggling Entrepreneurs


Are you -

  • Not Happy – with your job?
  • Thinking This is Not How I Dreamt my Life Would Be!
  • Do you feel Out of Alignment with Your True Purpose?
  • Drained - giving all you have and not feeling fulfilled.
  • Feeling Stuck in the "rat-race" that brings you little to no joy.
  • Not clear on how to use your gifts and talents to create a business.
  • Feeling you Want More out of your life!


   Learn to Create Your Joy Not Another Job!




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      • Get the 5 "P" to creating the right business
      • Learn how to organize your life for business and still work your 9 to 5
      • Not create another job you can't stand, but a business that fits you
      • Develop the right foundation for your business that is successful 
      • Create a business based off your passion and skills
      • Begin the journey to be your own guru in business






We’ve helped other aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs like you to design a business they love and create a life they love to wake up to. This training is the first step to changing your life and achieving your dreams! 

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La Shonda is a born teacher, trainer and leader who turned those skills into successful entrepreneurship. She has been able to find the balance between business and her personal life (spouse & 5 kids). She is also an International best-selling author with clients throughout the United States who successfully learn how to design a business that fits who they are and create their desired lifestyle. La Shonda is widely considered to be the “start-up” Goddess.

La Shonda is a former franchise owner and state grant manager for over a quarter of a million-dollar budget. She has appeared on national conference stages in addition to being on several podcast, telesummits and interviews throughout the world.

Her driving force and moto is “it’s your time, it’s your turn”. La Shonda has helped countless clients launch their business dreams and move their lives to the next level largely through her trainings and coaching. At her trainings, La Shonda brings together the training of some of the world's most influential business, spiritual, and life power players. Most importantly, La Shonda’s passion is her work with various charities donating her time and resources. She feels giving back is her joy and responsibility. Learn more





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