Hi Beautiful Soul,

I’m here to tell you Amazing woman you are a DIVA, QUEEN and GODDESS on the inside.  You want something more out of life then what is presently showing up, I get it!!!


I created this sacred place for women to get help along their journey to service the tribe they were born to serve. I use my training toolbox, I call it {Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, metaphysical concepts and traditional education (BS in psychology & MSW)} to assist women in creating peace of mind so they can get clarity on their gifts & talents which are then used to create financial security and abundance. Along the way, they gain confidence and love who they truly are so they can stand in their power to create a lifestyle that givens them quality time with family and friends without be exhausted, time for caring for themselves to recharge their “battery” without feeling guilt but feel nurtured, supported and loved.


This was not always how I spent my days….


I remember when I was “struggling”- did not trust myself, did not know my sacred gifts & talents, I thought they were the same as my skills; I had not stepped into my power. I was afraid of failing if I left my job that made me feel miserable. I still wanted to help people but did not know how to do that. What others did not know was that I was afraid of what my heart desired. Everything in my life reflected doubt, fear and unmet desires.


I don’t want that for you!


When you’re ready to connect to your beautiful sacred self and live from that space that is aligned with your hearts desires I want you to know this:


I can’t walk your journey for you, but:

I will be with you when you make shift and changes.

I will be with you when you face challenges.

I will be with you when you face detours and bumps in the road.

I will be with you when you get what you desire.


This isn’t easy. Change rarely is. But you don’t have to do it alone. We will choose the “recipe” to use together. I know the road blocks. And I have done it before for myself and my clients. I know the way to get the life your heart desires.


Are you in?


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You can always send me an email with any questions you have. I am more than happy to support you.


Love & Light,

La Shonda









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